Concrete, Pinatas, and Corn Dogs

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Episode: Faith As Resistance. Part 1.

One in five adults deals with some sort of mental health issue, yet we rarely ever have an honest, open conversation about it. So, this morning, we’re gonna talk about it. We’re gonna talk about all of it. We’re not gonna solve any issues or fix anyone or anything. We’re going to discuss what we believe our faith demands that we do in regards to mental health. How we, those who coexist with their mental health issues, those who know someone who does, and those who are graciously outside of the conversation altogether, can resist the internal narratives we tell ourselves about our perceived areas of lack, and those that we’re told by the external narrative. Today, we will begin a conversation about how, as Christians, we create, celebrate, and sustain communities that are well equipped to handle mental health issues.

Scripture: Psalm 139:1-12