Advent in Acts

Bad Jokes, Water Damage, and Uncle Lewis

December 8, 2019

Joshua Cooper, Senior Pastor

Episode: Acts. Part 8.

Sunday we began a series within a series called “Advent in Acts” as we continue to work through the book of Acts, but we do look at it through an Advent tinted lens. The question we will be answering for the next four gatherings is, “What does the arrival of Jesus mean?” Acts 3 is a two-part chapter that first tells us of healing, and then has Peter’s sermon to the crowds in response to that healing. In this sermon, Peter brings up three words we focused in on Sunday: Healing, restoration, and blessing. I used these three words to talk about the meaning of Jesus’ arrival. Because Jesus has come, we get to experience healing (in more ways than just physical). Because Jesus came, we get to experience restoration, which doesn’t just mean going back to the original but becoming more than the original. Because Jesus came, we experience God’s blessing, which isn’t always tied to health and wealth, which can be taken away, but is a blessing that will endure for all time through the ages.

Scripture: Acts 3:12-26