Shad Peters


Shad Peters, his wife Katie, and their two daughters have been in the Muncie area most of their lives, and have come to love and be invested in the town. Shad has always been a creative individual who expresses himself more clearly through art and craft than anything else. Whether carpentry, illustration, metalworking, leather work, or music, he finds it is the need to create that drives him day to day. As a musician, craftsman, and artist he feels most connected and tuned in with god when in engrossed in the creative process or admiring the awe inspiring handy work of the God in creation. He endeavors to bring that passion to Sunday morning worship, and create opportunities to encounter God. Shad is an outdoors-man, and when he’s not working, or spending time with his beautiful family, he enjoys nothing more than an excuse to be outdoors hiking, hunting, climbing, or pretty much anything.

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