Bridge Youth

Our goal for our Bridge Youth ministry is to establish foundational spiritual practices, as well as create a community within a community. 

Our group focuses on really digging into scripture, as well as being a safe space and family environment for one another. 

We share the same foundational mission, vision, and values of the Bridge Community Church. In addition to those, we focus on The Great Commission: disciples making disciples. Our ultimate goal is to really understand the scriptures, and how they pertain to our personal lives. Together we learn the ways of Jesus so that we can live and share the way of Jesus. Each week our team pours into our students, nurturing meaningful relationships, and mentoring them in life and faith. 

Sunday Mornings

10:30 AM

Our Bridge teens meet to learn as a group twice a month on Sunday mornings, right after Worship. Once a month we join together to teach Bridge Kids. Every other Wednesday we learn together at Bible Study, led by Discipleship Pastor Carl Smith. We also have a special event once a month outside of regular services. Some of our favorites are bowling and the movies, as well as our most favorite yearly King’s Island trip!

A calendar is passed out to all students, as well as shared via Instagram and Facebook.
IG: @thebridgeccyouth
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What to Expect

During our usual Bridge Youth times, we always dig right into the scriptures. We read and break down each section, and talk about how they pertain to our own lives. After our scripture study, we then end our time together with “Highs, Lows, and Buffalos” where we share a high (Praise), a low (Prayer), and a buffalo (Something weird, funny, random) from our week. We then ask and answer the question “How did you experience God this week?” Finally, we end with prayer. 

We would love for you to join us.

Bridge Youth is available to any teen 6th grade through their Senior Year. If you're interested in joining our youth program or learning more, contact Allison Inman using the form below. 

Have questions about our Bridge youth program? 

Fill out the form below and our Bridge Youth Pastor, Allison Inman will be in touch.