Get Connected

Building relationships requires spending time together outside of Sunday mornings. 

One of our values at The Bridge is to nurture meaningful relationships, mentoring each other in life and faith. In order to do this, we must intentionally spend time outside of our four walls and Sunday mornings to connect and share life with each other. Whether it's gathering around a table for food and conversation, sharing prayer requests and praises through group chats, or hanging out at a park party or bonfire, we're always looking for opportunities to hang out with each other simply for the purpose of growing closer to each other.

Learn to live in the ways of Jesus

In order "to be a community living in the way of Jesus," we must seek, study, and respond to God's revelation together and apply it to our whole lives. In addition to our social connection opportunities, our Discipleship Pastor, Carl offers two classes to help us better understand the character of Jesus and our call to discipleship.

Our Forward Discipleship Ministry is aimed at walking individuals through deeper waters in their understanding of the faith and obedience to Jesus. Each class is a year-long journey that is meant to launch our people into "a long obedience in the same direction,"  in Eugene Peterson's words. Carl also leads a biweekly bible study through the gospels that challenges participants to break down the passages of Jesus' life to better understand our call to follow Him.

Looking for opportunities to connect and grow? 

Download The Bridge Muncie app, listen to the Sunday morning announcements, or fill out the Connect Card to learn more.